PC Gamer UK March Issue: Welcome to the PC's new golden age

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Don't believe the naysayers—2022 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for PC gaming, something we're celebrating in the latest issue of PC Gamer magazine.

Sure, GPUs might still be a nightmare to acquire. But there are plenty of reasons to be excited for PC games in 2022, and we've dedicated a chunk of mag space to the most exciting things coming our way. While that pesky PC upgrade might seem far away, upscaling technologies like DLSS and the painstaking optimisations of Unreal Engine 5 mean we'll be pushing our existing hardware further. We've also taken a hand at making our own predictions at the year ahead—some a little more optimistic than others.

Long-time Xbox and PlayStation staples are now hitting PC with great ports at a steady pace, and with the Steam Deck just around the corner, we'll be playing a wider spread of games than ever from the comfort of our beds, sofa or loos. You people know who you are. 

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Some console hits have already arrived on PC, and this month's issue has the definitive verdict on both Monster Hunter Rise and Sony's landmark murder-dad adventure, God of War. We've also taken an early peek at Total War: Warhammer 3 and The Settlers, and took a look at Battlefield developer DICE's journey from Battlefield to, err, Battlefield. 

This month, the hardware team has been looking at gaming projectors, should you fancy trading a 30-inch monitor for a screen the size of a wall. And while Nvidia looks likely to drop its planned Arm acquisition, we took a look at what such a massive buyout could potentially mean for gamers if it does go ahead.

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PC Gamer UK magazine issue 367

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This month:

  • A celebration of the year to come for PC gaming, from the best games and hardware to TV adaptations and our wildcard predictions.
  • The definitive verdict on the latest games, including PC debuts for God of War and Monster Hunter Rise.
  • Previews for 2022's hottest upcoming releases, including Total War: Warhammer 3.
  • A deep hack into the ongoing legacy of The Matrix: Online.
  • How Enter the Matrix led to one developer's Desi take on Scott Pilgrim VS The World. 
  • The history of how DICE redefined multiplayer, and gave up on singleplayer.
  • And much, much more!
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