PC Gamer presents: PC Hardware, The Ultimate Guide 2014

Planning to upgrade your rig? Thinking about building a whole new system? We're on the cusp of a new console generation, which is a great time to get your PC in shape. But where do you go for the latest information on the components that will stand the test of time? We've condensed the knowledge of our resident PC experts into this, PC Hardware: The Ultimate Guide 2014. Throughout its 146 pages, you'll find in-depth reviews for every aspect of your PC. Over two hundred products have been judged, ensuring that if you're looking to upgrade, you've got the last word in quality kit. You'll find buyer advice that covers everything from 3D cards, processors and motherboards, through keyboards, mice and headsets, to pre-built systems and laptops. We've also included a complete guide to building a sofa-surfing, next-gen beating, living room PC.

PC Hardware: The Ultimate Guide 2014 is out now. For £9.99 you can order a physical copy through My Favourite Magazines , or download it to your iPad/iPhone via the PC Gamer App .


Step-by-step guides to building...

  • the next-gen replacement

  • the budget option

  • a full-blown gaming PC

Reviews of...

  • 3D Cards

  • Cases

  • Motherboards

  • RAM

  • Processors

  • Pre-built systems

  • Monitors

  • Coolers

  • SSDs

  • Controllers

  • Headsets

  • Keyboards

  • Laptops

  • Mice & Mats

  • Speakers


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