PC Gamer Gamer Rank is live - sign up now to track your gaming stats

You might notice a new button on the black PCGamer.com taskbar above. Gamer Rank is our new service that lets you track your gaming habits and stack them against other members of the PC Gamer community. keep track of our top community members, compare your achievements with others' and find out what the entire community has been playing in massive colourful graphs. Mmmm, sweet, accurate, regularly updated data.

You can sign up for the service now via this Gamer Rank link and the aforementioned Gamer Rank button (for free, of course). We'll be activating accounts gradually to ensure nothing melts, so you won't receive automatic access straight away . If you've signed up, you're on the list and you should get in eventually. Read on for more explanatory words and pictures.

Sign up now for free and get:


Hand-collated by the domesticated PC Gamer stat wombat.


Bringing order to the chaos with fancy red rectangles.


Track the toughest achievements and beat them


Find out what's hot

This is just the beginning. We're planning to roll out lots of new features over time! What data/stats/features would you like to see?


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