PC Building Simulator leaves Steam Early Access with Nvidia hardware in tow

At long last, PC Building Simulator is no longer an Early Access simulation on Steam. It's now a polished and finalized product with a few newcomers to the fold, including Nvidia.

If you've never heard of PC Building Simulator, it's exactly as it sounds—a game that allows you to simulate building a PC, minus the risk of messing up something so badly that you destroy a pricey piece of hardware.

Not that assembling a PC is all that difficult, or even risky if you take your time and are careful from start to finish. However, the appeal of something like this is that a potential first-time builder can get his or her feet wet with virtual parts before embarking on a real build that costs several hundred or even several thousand dollars.

The full release brings with it some new parts, most notably a bunch of Nvidia's graphics cards, including Founders Edition versions of the GeForce GTX 10 series and its newer GeForce RTX lineup. Yes folks, if you want to build a PC with a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti inside but don't want to pay a king's ransom to do so, here's your chance. Obviously it's not the same thing—these virtual builds can't run Crysis, or any other game for that matter.

That said, you can simulate a 3DMark run, which is one of the more interesting prior updates. Adding 3DMark to the fold essentially allows you to ballpark your virtual build's performance, before plunking down real cash for real parts.

The finalized release also introduces new parts from Thermaltake and Deep Cool, plus a bevy of components from existing vendor partners. In addition, there are more Career story job chains and additional Steam achievements. The release notes are actually quite extensive.

PC Building Simulator costs $19.99, though it's marked down 10 percent to $17.99 until February 5. There's also an Overclocked Edition ($24.98, currently marked down to $22.98) that adds a bit of DLC (custom cases).

Paul Lilly

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