Payday 2 partners with Shadow Warrior 2 in latest unlikely crossover

Payday 2 has welcomed goats, drug lords, John Wick, the cast of Hotline Miami, and now Wang—the star of Flying Wild Hog's Shadow Warrior 2—who sees his trademark katana and a handful of masks feature in Payday 2. Likewise, the iconic Dallas mask from Overkill's heist 'em up FPS makes its way into SW2, as does a couple of its weapons. 

"We're proud to announce the first collaboration of 2017 with is with our ninja friends at Flying Wild Hog," reads a Payday 2 Steam community post of the collaboration. "Did you ever want to dash and slice through mutated fleas or other demonic creatures? In that case you should definitely check out Shadow Warrior 2 which from today on has Dallas waiting for you as a Co-Op Skin. You heard right, Dallas entered the Ninja Universe and is ready to kick demonic asses in style with his AMCAR or Money Bundle."

In celebration of the unlikely pairing, both games are subject to limited time discounts—with Payday 2 going for 75 percent off, and Shadow Warrior 2 facing a 25 percent reduction (players who already own one of the games are set to receive an additional ten percent off). 

Both games have also used the announcement to launch updates which tackle a number of existing bugs and implement a host of community-requested features. Details on those can be found here for Payday 2, and here for Shadow Warrior 2. 

Post discount, Payday 2 is on sale at £3.74/$4.99, while Shadow Warrior 2 costs £26.24/$29.99. Buying both as part of the bundle will set you back £26.99/$31.48.