Payday 2 adds Scarface-themed DLC

Similar to pretty much everyone who'd seen Scarface before playing 2002's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, I paraded around Rockstar's faux Miami cityscape pretending Tommy Vercetti was the film's head honcho Tony Montana. When Scarface: The World Is Yours arrived four years later, I finally had the chance to play the real deal—which is what Overkill Software now wants you to do in heist 'em up Payday 2, courtesy of its Scarface-themed DLC. 

In the Scarface Heist Pack, The Butcher has been attacked by the Sosa Cartel, wiping out her crew, ship and, crucially, her cargo. That's clearly not gonna fly, thus a trip to Tony Montana's now Sosa-run iconic Miami mansion is in order whereby the plan is to "assault the cartel stronghold and assassinate their leader" and "take any loot you can find along the way." Below is a montage-inspired trailer whose final 15 seconds tease a wee bit of in-game footage. 

The Scarface Character Pack, on the other hand, adds the titular drug lord—played by the aforementioned 2006 game's voice actor—as a playable character, complete with the 'say hello to my little friend' 7.62 assault rifle and the shower scene Lumber Lite L2 yellow chainsaw. Montana also comes packing a 'Kingpin Perk Deck' which has him injecting himself with drugs before breaking into a manic, invisible-like state. "You will be able to rampage through the battles like a maniac, scaring the living shit out of your enemies." Quite.

The Scarface Heist Pack costs £4.99/$6.99, while the Character Pack will set you back £3.99/$4.99. Also, only one person per heist group is required to own the heist pack, which is nice.