Patriot announces a customizable gaming mouse for FPS and MMO gamers

Patriot has a new mouse available that might be of interest to gamers who are primarily interested in FPS and MMO games. The company's new Viper V570 RGB Blackout Edition targets both types of gameplay with an adjustable weight system and 13 programmable buttons.

The Viper V570 sports an 8,000 dpi "Xtreme Precision" laser sensor that can be magically upscaled to 12,000 through Patriot's software utility. Most professional gamers scoff at ultra-high dpi settings, but if you like that level of sensitivity, there you go.

For FPS gameplay, there is a dedicated sniper button for precise aiming. Holding the button down with your thumb lowers the sensitivity to 400 dpi, allowing you to line up that fatal shot.

Several more buttons sit above the sniper control and are all thumb-accessible. The layout is intended to appeal to MMO gamers without going all out like dedicated MMO mice like Logitech's G600 and Razer's Naga Hex V2, the latter of which earned a spot on our list of the best gaming mice.

For more heft, add up to 34.2 grams of additional weight to the Viper V570. There are five weights in all, which line up in a sort of crooked spine orientation, as seen above. 

Patriot's newest mouse uses Omron switches rated for 10 million clicks. It also features multi-zone RGB lighting along with a DPI LED indicator.

The Viper V570 RGB Blackout Edition is available now for $60.

Paul Lilly

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