Logitech launches MMO mouse


Logitech is to launch its first MMO mouse at the LANfest DreamHack next week, taking on rivals like Razer and Steelseries who've been cutting quite a niche for themselves with multibutton mice.

The G600 MMO Gaming Mouse boasts 20 – count 'em – buttons and a 'G-shift' key for binding two commands to one switch, it's available in which or black with 16million colour lighting behind the keycaps.

As I've said before, I'm not a massive fan of multibutton mice but there must be enough demand out there to pique Logitechs interest. The mouse itself appears to be similar to the G9 in shape, with twelve macro keys under your thumb for fast action.

Like the recent Razer Taipan, Roccat Kone XTD and Cooler Master CM Storm Sentinel II, it also has a ridiculously high 8200dpi setting. That's almost enough to get your cursor from one side of the screen to another just by looking at your mouse. Unless you're playing at MacBook Pro resolutions, that sensor and all those buttons means you could probably level a WoW to 85 while appearing as static as its subscription numbers.

Available in July from £69.99 in Europe, $79.99 in the US. We should be getting one in for review some time next week.