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Path of Exile's Vaal trailer is like a big pack of fireworks going off at once

Free-to-play-but-not-shit action RPG Path of Exile has a new "mini-expansion" in the works, and it's coming in a tantalising four days' time. Will it involve clicking on enemies until their skin flies off and that shortsword they swallowed clatters bloodily to the ground? Well duh. Until now we didn't know much more than that , but a new trailer should help illuminate matters - literally, thanks to all the exploding spells, exploding guts and other exploding things contained therein. Gaze in wonder at the portentous, thrilling and tetratitted video after the break. [UPDATE: Vaal has been fully detailed on the Path of Exile site.]

Flaming skull dudes! Rampant electricity! Exciting music! I think I'm going to need a lie down. Before I do, you should know that Vaal will feature "secret corrupted areas", a couple of new challenge leagues, free-for-all PvP in the new Sarn Arena, and other stuff as detailed in a forum post made with red text on a black background. It's like Geocities all over again. That same link suggests that more info will be coming later today, so I'll update this post if and when it does.

Ta, Joystiq .