Path of Exile "mini-expansion" arriving March 5

Path of Exile is a game about meeting lots of monsters and then punching out all their blood so you can steal their stuff. As action RPGs go, it's great, and I called it things like "compulsive" and "exceptionally generous" in our Path of Exile review . When people say things like "all free-to-play games are poo" I like to materialise, wave an arm in Path of Exile's direction and whisper "look! All the free blood-punching you could ever need!" and then vanish in a puff of smoke.

For those already hooked on Path of Exile, good news. There's going to be more of it according to a post on the Path of Exile site .

What's in the expansion? Only Grinding Gear know, sadly, but they have revealed a step-by-step guide to how they're going to tease the patch in the coming weeks. Features will be revealed on Thursday, videos and previews and the like will arrive on February 28 ahead of release on March 5. A couple of minor bits have been teased. Look, a load of unique items are getting 3D art , and waypoints now glow when tagged !

Expect more significant changes when version 1.1.0 arrives. Until then, here's a video of the recently implemented 1.0.6 patch. You can create an account and download the game for free here .

Tom Senior

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