Paradox celebrates first public PDXCON with typically off-the-wall trailer

In December, Paradox Interactive announced its next Paradox Convention—PDXCON 2017—will be open to the public for the first time. Set to run in Stockholm on May 12-14, fans and press alike will gather this year in a "celebration of all things Paradox"—a union which CEO Fredrik Wester appears very thankful, rather, 'tankful', of.

In typically unorthodox Paradox fashion, here's the studio's Wester-starring trailer which features tanks, dragons, planes, and some gravity/hamstring-defying gymnastics:

PDXCON 2017 promises a number of guest speakers, talks from some of its thriving modding community, and a cosplay competition, among other things. 

“Come and join the developers, designers, leaders, and non-vampires of Paradox Interactive at Gamla Riksarkivet in Stockholm for a weekend of games, panels, and partying,” reads the blurb on the Paradox site

Full details on that and more, including how to pick up tickets, can be found in this direction