Papers, Please will release this summer, according to easily bribed border guard

Papers, Please

The dystopian border and immigration management game Papers, Please last caught our eye when it rose through Steam's Greenlight service and announced a summer release window. Information about the offbeat indie game continues to sneak across the border, though: the latest is the retail price, which can be pried out of a tight-lipped border guard in a minigame at Papers, Please's official site .

From its thoroughly retro style to its jackbooted approach to PR, Papers, Please is going all-in while exploring the themes of Soviet Union-era dystopia and state-controlled populations. The game's developer, Lucas Pope, told The Verge that he's “attracted to Orwellian communist bureaucracy,” and it shows.

Papers, Please will charge you with controlling a crowded checkpoint, where you'll keep out forged passports and bad characters unless they, you know, throw you a little something extra. The game will be available on Steam for (spoilers...for the mini game? I guess?) $10, but you can play get the beta version for free right now.