Pagan Online mixes League of Legends with Diablo

Pagan Online is an action-RPG crossed with a MOBA and inspired by “pre-Christian mythology”, according to developer Mad Head and publisher Wargaming. Mostly it seems to be concerned with battering big monsters. Take a gander at the cinematic trailer above. 

It doesn’t really evoke ancient mythology, but it does have an aesthetic that calls to mind other MOBAs. Pip, our resident expert, noticed that the giant rock monster looked a great deal like League of Legends’ Zac, while the red, blue and green colour scheme for the heroes looks a bit like Dota. 

Mad Head is trying to appeal as much to Diablo dungeon-delvers as the LoL and Dota lot. On the ARPG side, there’s inventory management, loot, abilities and crafting, but the pace of the missions and hero roles are inspired by MOBAs. It's not overtly MOBA stuff like creeps, towers and lane, but rather a design philosophy. It's hard to get an impression of that without actual gameplay footage, unfortunately. 

It’s due out on PC in 2019, and in the meantime you can register for pre-launch tests, Trials, from the official site.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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