Overwatch's Summer Games 2019 have begun

Overwatch has kicked off its Summer Games for this year, and that of course means new skins and plenty more Lucioball.

Each week, players can earn new epic skins for Reaper, Mei, and Reinhardt. This week it's Reaper, whose American Reaper skin looks like he's just robbed Evel Knievel. It's all red, white, and blue with some prominent beveled stars on his shoulder pads and the muzzles of hist shotguns. You'll unlock the skins by winning nine games in quick play, competitive, or arcade.

There are four new legendary skins to grind for as well, including Surf 'n' Splash Torbjorn, a Lucioball-themed Wrecking Ball, and Genji's Kendoka skin, which to my eye is easily the coolest of the bunch.

This year's event looks like more or less the same deal as we've seen in summers past, although this time around Hammond is involved in Lucioball. That's either as the referee or the ball—and possibly both.

Overwatch's 2019 Summer Games run through August 5.