Overwatch Winter Wonderland skins revealed

Was it really a year ago we were tossing snowballs in the cold with Mei, and Mei, and Mei, and Mei, and a whole other team full of Meis? It was, and the time has come again for an Overwatch winter event! Winter Wonderland kicks off today, December 12, and runs until January 1. As usual, there are new seasonal skins, which we've embedded below. But first, here's the skinny on the new winter brawl, called Yeti Hunt:

"This season’s Brawl is a 5v1 experience, pitting five Mei 'Hunters' against one 'Yeti' Winston," Blizzard writes. "The Yeti must kill the Hunters five times to win; the Hunters must kill the Yeti once to claim victory. The Brawl takes place on a reskinned Nepal Village map—the perfectly snowy setting for a Yeti battle.

"Yeti Winston has increased health and armor, making him a formidable foe. Meat packs are sprinkled around the map for him, which will fuel his ultimate. Mei has her usual abilities, but her Ice Wall and Ice Block times are reduced…and while she can freeze Yeti Winston, there’s one catch—she can only freeze him in Rage mode."

If you miss the ol' snowball fights, though, there's some good news: Mei's Snowball Offensive is back for the holidays, too. 

Blizzard says there are more than 150 itmes among the Winter Wonderland loot boxes, including the new skins and ones returning from last year. All of the 2016 items are cheaper, too. Of particular note, 2016 Legendary skins now run only 1000 credits, while this year's are 3000.

Five heroes got Legendary Winter Wonderland skins this time around—Ana, Bastion, Junkrat, Sombra, and Hanzo—and below that we've got a gallery of the new duds in holiday-themed action.

Wes Fenlon
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