Overwatch voice lines may hint at a Genji and Mercy romance in the making

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan said in December that Blizzard is not planning in-game events to make either Valentine's Day or Easter. But based on a trio of voice lines dug up by dataminers on the Overwatch subreddit, it sounds like the events many not go completely ignored.   

The first line features Genji asking his brother Hanzo if he has any chocolates. Hanzo is clearly not a chocolate guy. 

Then, Mercy tells Genji that she got him some chocolates. He asks her to share, but she already said they were for him. Maybe he should try listening more instead of stuffing his face.

Finally, Genji returns the favor by giving her some chocolate. It's not Swiss, though. Genji really needs to up his game.

According to Polygon, this is big news for Overwatch fans who want to see Genji and Mercy spark the flame of love. The Overwatch holiday comic Reflections also hints at a budding romance, with images of Genji writing a letter, and Mercy reading one. 

All of this will come as a bitter blow to fans who long-since decided that Pharah and Mercy—or Pharmercy, to use the correct parlance—is the one true Overwatch pairing. And yes there's a subreddit. And not it's not SFW.

Andy Chalk

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