Overwatch is free to try this weekend, and 50% off until November 27

Blizzard announced that Overwatch was free to try this weekend last week, and Andy reported on it here. But whose memory stretches back a full eight days? Consider this a reminder, then, and know that Endless Space 2 and Rainbow Six: Siege are also running complimentary opt-in periods over the next few days. 

Speaking to Overwatch, though, the promotional window runs from today through Monday, November 20, with the game's full roster of 26 heroes and 16 maps available to all across the game's Quick Play, Custom Games and Arcade modes. Progression and loot boxes will also be active throughout—with the former carrying over, should you decide to splash out for the game in full thereafter.

Blizzard says player stats will be retained too, but that trophies and achievements have been disabled for the duration.

Update: If you like what you see, you can buy Overwatch and Overwatch Game of the Year Edition (which comes with "a fully loaded bundle of bonus content and Overwatch-themed extras for several Blizzard Entertainment games") for 50% off until November 27. If you already own Overwatch, you can upgrade to the GOTY Edition for $10 during the discount period.

An FAQ can be read here. Have a gander at when the free weekend kicks off in your timezone:

Overwatch's free weekend runs alongside the introduction of new hero Moira who dons some pretty neat-looking Bowie-esque threads. Read Bo's full breakdown of what she's all about, and fix your eyes on these GIFs of the new star in action:

Between this and the other free to try games noted above, it looks like that quiet weekend you'd planned is slipping away.