Endless Space 2 is free to try on Steam, Galactic Statecraft update out now

Endless Space 2, Amplitude Studio's turn-based sci-fi 4X strategy game that landed earlier this year, is free to try on Steam this weekend. A new update, named Galactic Statecraft, is live now too. 

The game Chris described as a "gorgeous grand strategy with atmosphere, depth and replayability" is free to try now through November 20 at 10am PT/6pm GMT. Assuming it's your cup of tea, it's also subject to a 50 percent discount during this time.

In his review, Chris also noted that, like most 4X games, Endless Space 2 needs time to realise its full potential. To this end, the game's Galactic Statecraft update introduces a revamped diplomacy system, pirate lairs, orbital stations, new game events and a hall of fame that lets players "keep track of [their] campaign performances", among other things. Full patch notes can be found via this Steam Community update

Speaking to existing players, Amplitude says: "Here at Amplitude, a Free Weekend always comes with a play-to-win Community Challenge. The more players try the game during the Steam Free Weekend, the bigger an upcoming free DLC gets."   

More information on that can be found in this direction, while Endless Space 2's Steam page is this-a-way. Chris' review of the base game can also be read here