Overwatch comes to XCOM 2 as fan-made super-soldiers

The heroes of Overwatch put a stop to the Omnic crisis and continue to maintain peace from the likes of Talon and other evil forces. But how would they fare in the fight against Advent, the occupying alien force from XCOM 2?

Thanks to XCOM 2's robust character creator, Redditor DaveBlackrose has answered that question, building 12 of Overwatch's heroes in an XCOM 2 campaign. 

The results are somewhat mixed. Some Overwatch heroes make the transition to human soldier fairly well—Reaper and Soldier 76, for example—while others are more than a bit off. Either way, the recreations are cool, especially little touches such as Ana's Quickdraw pistol skill (corresponding to her Sleep Dart pistol) and Sombra's top-tier hacking ability. 

Funny enough, DaveBlackrose found some correlations about character usefulness as well. "In the late stages of the campaign [Genji's] Sword Build is less useful since he lacks a bit of damage in the other departments and enemies have a shit ton of health," he said. "I guess you could say... he fell off the tank meta in this game too."

The character builds haven't been exported and uploaded (yet), but we'll update this post if DaveBlackrose posts them. In the meantime, check out the full album here (and lament that there isn't a Spark robot bearing the likeness of Bastion, which would have matched perfectly).

Bo Moore

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