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Blizzard reveals skins and concept art for Ashe, Overwatch's new hero

The arrival of Ashe, Overwatch's newest hero and former buddy of McCree, was announced at BlizzCon today. While she sports a similar western look to her high-noonin' frenemy, some concept art and skin designs revealed at a panel discussing what's next for Overwatch show some different sides of the outlaw. Our Overwatch expert Bo Moore was at the panel, and snapped up a few shots of Ashe's alternate looks and early concepts. He is very excited about all this and I'm happy for him. 

First up are the two skins with mobster and safari variants. Let's hope that Bob, Ashe's robo sidekick summoned by her ultimate, gets to play dress-up for real. His outfits are downright adorable. It's that damn mustache!

And now some of the concept art, including a look at the storyboards for Ashe's introductory short. Her earlier looks were much more sinister overall and I hope we get to see some of them make the cut as alternate skins. That Mad Max pirate-looking outfit is excellent.  

James Davenport
James is PC Gamer’s bad boy, staying up late to cover Fortnite while cooking up radical ideas for the weekly livestream. He can still kickflip and swears a lot. You’ll find him somewhere in the west growing mushrooms and playing Dark Souls.