Overwatch Archives: Storm Rising trailer teases a messy takedown in Havana

Overwatch Archives: Storm Rising is a blast from the past that sees a Tracer-led strike team on the hunt for an Omnic accountant named Maximilian, part of an Untouchables-style campaign to take down Talon's big boss Doomfist. With the action set to kick off tomorrow, Blizzard has dropped a teaser of the takedown, which I have to say doesn't appear all that terribly well planned. 

Maximilian is traveling in a well-protected convoy, so ideally you want to funnel that into a choke point—gently, so they don't notice until it's too late—and then isolate his vehicle from the escort. Don't waste time in a fight: Keep the goon squad pinned, grab your guy, and get out of Dodge. 

There's plenty of room for variation and improvisation, but the central point is that you don't want to just run up and punch the first thing you see, because that's how things spin immediately and furiously out of control. And so of course that's exactly what the team appears to be doing here, starting a fight just because they like to fight. And why are there only four of them on the job, anyway, if it's so damn important? 

(Okay, I guess maybe four is a good fit.) 

Storm Rising is a fight through the streets of Havana, Cuba, with Tracer, Winston, Genji, and Mercy. New highlight intros, sprays, emotes, and other cosmetics will be up for grabs during the event, along with more than 100 items from last year's Archive, Retribution. The action begins tomorrow, April 16—here are all the new skins Blizzard has revealed so far. 

Andy Chalk

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