Overwatch 2 trailer reveals the origin of Sojourn

With Overwatch 2 growing ever closer, Blizzard has released a new trailer revealing more about the origin of Sojourn, one of the new characters joining the game in the sequel.

Acting commander Vivian Chase, as she's known outside the ranks of Overwatch, joined the big squad after her Canadian special forces unit teamed up with Overwatch during the Omnic Crisis, the uprising of artificially intelligent androids against their human masters.

"Jack Morrison [Soldier: 76] and I worked well together, and after the war he reached out," Sojourn says in the trailer. "[I did] whatever was needed. Sometimes I ran point for our agents in the field. Other times, I commanded the operation. No matter what their mission was, mine was to bring every last one of them home."

The video ends with Sojourn saying goodbye to Overwatch, presumably during the team's disbandment several years prior to the events of the game. But, she says, a new journey is right around the corner, "and you never know where that is going to take you."

It's not big on detail, but we'll get a closer look at Sojourn in action in an Overwatch developer stream taking place tomorrow, which will include an all-new Overwatch 2 gameplay trailer and community Q&A. The stream is set to begin at 11 am PT/2 pm ET on April 14, on Twitch. The Overwatch 2 PvP beta is set to begin on April 26.

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Andy Chalk

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