Overload gets updated demo ahead of imminent early access release

At around this time last year, Revival Productions was running a Kickstarter for its spiritual Descent sequel, which is more interesting than the actual recent Descent sequel, as this one's being made by many of the people behind the original games. They released an early demo so we could see what they were aiming for, and now, one year later, Revival has released an updated demo version, so we can see how Overload has progressed over the last 12 months.

You can find Overload Playable Teaser 2.0 on Steam here. It's a "complete refresh, with updated graphics, sound, and gameplay", just so you know. The demo comprises a "training level, a sample single-player 'destroy the reactor' level, and two Challenge Mode levels that let you test your skills against a horde of enemies".

'So why's this demo suddenly being released out of the blue?' you're probably wondering. And you're right to wonder, as this Playable Teaser is acting as a teaser of sorts for the imminent Steam Early Access release. You'll be able to buy into the unfinished version of Overload from Monday March 13. (Thanks, Blue's News.)

Tom Sykes

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