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Overgrowth alpha update brings duelling dogs, bigger bones

Move over Luigi, because there's a pretty good case to be made for 2013 being known as the Year of the Video Games Dog. It's not that games are being crammed full of canines, but they are pervading all levels of the industry. At one end of the spectrum is the unwieldy AAA beast Call of Duty: Ghosts, which has a dog . At the other end, there's the thoroughly indie rabbit brawler Overgrowth, which now also has a dog.

While known for its rabbit punching, Overgrowth already had playable wolves and cats. Dogs now fit a size gap between rabbit and wolf. The latest update also adds a number of customisable sliders, which means you could totally kick a fat dog in the face.

While Overgrowth is still in alpha, it can be pre-ordered from Wolfire for instant access to the latest build.

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