Outriders is still a thing apparently and it's getting an expansion this month

Outriders is a game I definitely remember coming out last year. Apparently, the third-person looter shooter is getting an expansion called Worldslayer and it'll be out really soon.

There's a new trailer from the Summer Game Fest that features a lot of guns, abilities, and Destiny-ish armor. Outriders made a splash last year for its unique ability-based combat and its non-live-service structure. It's a loot game that doesn't expect you to play every day. Imagine that.

Worldslayer looks to be set in some new locations, including a seaside village and a tundra. The gameplay in the trailer shows a team fighting a massive horned beast on top of an icy lake. Then a red-haired lady that sort of reminds me of a supernatural version of Jesse from Control shows up. She looks high level, so I hope that team is equipped to take her on.

Worldslayer is going to launch on June 30 and will have more to reveal about its endgame content on June 10.

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