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Outcast: Second Contact is free to download for a few days

The Humble Store is in the midst of its big Fall Sale, and as it sometimes does it's got a free game up for grabs for the next couple of days. This time around it's Outcast: Second Contact, which is yours for the taking until 10 am Pacific on November 24.

Released in 2017, Outcast: Second Contact is a remake of the 1999 Infogrames action-adventure about a US Navy SEAL named Cutter Slade (yes, seriously) who escorts a group of scientists to an alien world to help shut down a black hole that's threatening the Earth. Things very quickly go off the rails, as they do, and Cutter ends up in the midst of a civilizational struggle that also somehow involves time travel. 

It's weird, yes, but also very good: It won numerous awards when it was new, including Computer Gaming World's "Adventure of the Year", and the remake earned an 82/100 review from us last year.   

You'll need to subscribe to the Humble newsletter if you're not already signed up, but that seems like a reasonable trade-off for a good game at no cost. Unlike most Humble offerings, the Outcast: Second Contact freebie is also a DRM-freebie, so instead of a Steam key you'll receive a direct download link. It will only be available until 10 am Pacific on November 29, however, after which "the download will magically vanish as if it were just a figment of your imagination," so grab it while you can.