Outcast Reboot HD trailer shows first footage of the remade open-world classic

We're now two weeks in to the Kickstarter campaign for Outcast Reboot HD . So far, it's had a pretty positive reception, raising a respectable $225,000. Unfortunately, the Fresh3D Inc team need to raise $600,000, meaning there's some way to go before their open-world adventure can be airlifted out of the late-'90s. To help raise awareness, the developers have made a sensible move: releasing footage of the game, showing the HD Reboot part of Outcast Reboot HD.

"Keep in mind that it is a very early prototype which is still using some assets from the original version, specially for the characters, animations and effects," write the developers in a Kickstarter update . I'm sure some will be unhappy that there aren't yet full, crisp, high-resolution textures on display. Personally, though, I was pretty thankful for it—at least during the trailer's long periods spent lingering on an alien bum.

"For those who don't know the original game," the developers continue, "I hope this video will give them a glimpse of what the game could be if we had the chance to modernize all the components."

If funded, Outcast Reboot HD is planned for an October 2015 release. If that sounds a long way off, you can buy the original exploratory adventure on GOG . Just be warned, as great as it is, it does look like a game released in 1999.

Phil Savage

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