Our favorite teeny-weeny microphone is at an all-time low price for Cyber Monday

Razer Seiren Mini
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Razer Seiren Mini | White, Pink, Black| $49.99 $37.99 at Amazon (save $12) (opens in new tab)
The Seiren Mini is the mic I have sitting on my desktop right now, and it's a beauty. It's a little lozenge of microphone joy for the casual user, with a price tag to match. You can also get it in white or pink; now, all the colors are discounted! It's a super-simple mic, using the internals of more expensive options within a basic package. I mean, there's not even a mute button...

Amazon has a criminally cheap Cyber Monday microphone deal on the Razer Seiren Mini for only $37.99 (opens in new tab), down from its usual price of $50. If you only buy one thing for your PC gaming or office setup today, a decent-sounding microphone that doesn't take up much space is a great idea. 

The Seiren Mini is Razer's tiny pill-shaped budget microphone for streaming and podcasting. It started the tiny mic trend in 2020 (opens in new tab) when it showed us that we don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on a microphone when one for less than $50 can do the trick. 

As I noted in my Seiren Mini review (opens in new tab), it's a solid microphone for anyone starting out in content creation on a tight budget. It's small enough to be very travel-friendly, and it works on PC and Mac, so if you need something cheap for work calls, the Seiren Mini is a good pick. 

I always get asked about this mic: "What's the catch?" And that's a fair question. Microphone makers end up stripping away features that usually come standard in mics that are double the price. This means no mute, volume control, or even a headphone jack. If you want to monitor or tweak your levels, you'll have to use third-party apps like OBS or Xsplit. It's the only way a mic that sounds this good can be so cheap. 

While shopping around, you'll notice that the HyperX Solocast (opens in new tab) in black, another quality mini mic, sells even cheaper at $30 (opens in new tab). While that is a pretty good mic (and it has a mute button), I still prefer the Seiren Mini because it sounds just as good but also has a better, sleeker look than the Solocast.

Below I've added some sample audio of both mics so you can hear the difference and decide for yourself. 

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