Our favorite teeny-weeny microphone is at an all-time low price for Cyber Monday

Razer Seiren Mini
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Razer Seiren Mini | White, Pink, Black| $49.99 $37.99 at Amazon (save $12)
The Seiren Mini is the mic I have sitting on my desktop right now, and it's a beauty. It's a little lozenge of microphone joy for the casual user, with a price tag to match. You can also get it in white or pink; now, all the colors are discounted! It's a super-simple mic, using the internals of more expensive options within a basic package. I mean, there's not even a mute button...

Amazon has a criminally cheap Cyber Monday microphone deal on the Razer Seiren Mini for only $37.99, down from its usual price of $50. If you only buy one thing for your PC gaming or office setup today, a decent-sounding microphone that doesn't take up much space is a great idea. 

The Seiren Mini is Razer's tiny pill-shaped budget microphone for streaming and podcasting. It started the tiny mic trend in 2020 when it showed us that we don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on a microphone when one for less than $50 can do the trick. 

As I noted in my Seiren Mini review, it's a solid microphone for anyone starting out in content creation on a tight budget. It's small enough to be very travel-friendly, and it works on PC and Mac, so if you need something cheap for work calls, the Seiren Mini is a good pick. 

I always get asked about this mic: "What's the catch?" And that's a fair question. Microphone makers end up stripping away features that usually come standard in mics that are double the price. This means no mute, volume control, or even a headphone jack. If you want to monitor or tweak your levels, you'll have to use third-party apps like OBS or Xsplit. It's the only way a mic that sounds this good can be so cheap. 

While shopping around, you'll notice that the HyperX Solocast in black, another quality mini mic, sells even cheaper at $30. While that is a pretty good mic (and it has a mute button), I still prefer the Seiren Mini because it sounds just as good but also has a better, sleeker look than the Solocast.

Below I've added some sample audio of both mics so you can hear the difference and decide for yourself. 

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