Our favorite gaming keyboard is on sale today

The G.Skill Ripjaws KM780 is, in our opinion, the best overall gaming keyboard available right now. You can get the slightly revised version, the KM780R, which doesn't have any changes to the keyboard itself, for a reduced price of $105 today on both Newegg and Amazon. Take your pick, but you'll have to enter the code 0705THEX53 at checkout on Newegg.

The "R" just means you don't get the accessory pack including the extra keycaps and the tool you need to swap them out. There's no functional difference between this one and the KM780, which means it's still got the great switches (Cherry MX Red in this case), wristrest, USB passthrough, and a bunch of other features.

$105 is usually the price the KM780R goes down to when it's on sale, and although it's been cheaper before, that's very rare. There are also discounts on variants of this keyboard, with different lighting and different switches, so check those out if you're not a fan of the Cherry MX Reds. 

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