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Our BlizzCon 2015 predictions

Blizzcon key art cropped

BlizzCon (opens in new tab) begins tomorrow, so Tim and I took a crack at the ol' prediction game. We spent a few minutes discussing what we expect to see announced for each of Blizzard's games (opens in new tab). While StarCraft 2 (opens in new tab) and World of Warcraft (opens in new tab) seem like they'll have pretty predictable announcements, what's coming for Hearthstone (opens in new tab) and Overwatch (opens in new tab) are much more up in the air—though rumors are already starting to fly (opens in new tab) about Overwatch's pricing model. Watch the full video above to hear what we think Blizzard will announce at tomorrow's opening ceremony, and be sure to check back for all our BlizzCon coverage in the coming days.

Also, we sort of forgot to talk about Diablo (opens in new tab). But if we can forget an entire game series, it probably doesn't speak highly of the likelihood of major news for that franchise. Blizzard has said it will be discussing what's next for Reaper of Souls and updates to the game, but I doubt we'll see any sort of big expansion announcement—though we do know it has some interest in revisiting the originals.

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