Our 11 favorite trailers from the 2023 Future Games Show Summer Showcase

There were a ton of cool trailers in this year's Future Games Show Summer Showcase from our pals at GamesRadar, and you can watch the whole livestream above. If you just want to see some highlights, though, we've listed our 11 favorite PC game trailers from the show below. A couple have demos you can try, too.

Next up in this not-E3-anymore weekend are the Xbox and Starfield showcases are happening on Sunday, just before our PC Gaming Show, and then on Monday we'll hear from Ubisoft and Capcom—drop by our full summer showcase schedule for the details.

Star Trucker

What is it? Imagine Euro Truck Simulator amongst the stars: Take jobs, keep your rig in tip-top shape, and use your space-CB to talk to a fully-voiced cast of characters in a game that promises to give "long-haul trucking" a whole new meaning.
When's it out? 2024
Link: Steam

Lords of the Fallen

What is it? A soulslike action RPG with a cool parallel worlds system. The original 2014 Lords of the Fallen this is a reboot of isn't exactly a beloved game, but this is something quite different from a brand new studio. We previewed it in March, and liked what we saw.
When's it out? October 12, 2023
Link: Steam

New Cycle

What is it? A post-apocalyptic survival city builder set in the aftermath of an enormous solar flare. It's not always the prettiest looking thing in the trailer, but that train is pretty sweet, and it's certainly got a handle on the rusty, musty, organgey Fallout grime atmosphere.
When's it out? "Coming soon"
Link: Steam


What is it? A very spooky-looking horror game.
When's it out? "Coming soon" with a Steam demo now
Link: Steam


What is it? Another spooky game, but not as scary-looking as the last one. This is more of a puzzle-adventure like thing—it just happens to be set in a "sinister circus."
When's it out? Sometime this year
Link: Steam

Laika: Aged Through Blood

What is it? A post-apocalyptic 'motorvania' about a Mother Coyote on a motorcycle with a gun and a grudge. The mix of epic slo-mo backflips, cartoon NPCs, and "a deep story about a mother-daughter relationship, vengeance and loss" is a little jarring, but I'm eager to see where it goes.
When's it out? Coming soon (Steam demo on June 19)
Link: Steam

The Bookwalker: Thief of Tales

What is it? A surreal isometric adventure game with turn-based battles and some tight resource management. You play as an author with government-inflicted writers' block in a vaguely Victorian world where books come to life as alternate universes. Time to steal valuable items out of dangerous tomes in the hope of winning back your creative freedom.
When's it out? June 22, with a demo out now
Link: Steam

Pacific Drive

What is it? A roguelite survival game in the post-apocalypse where your station wagon is your most important piece of gear. If you'd not spotted Pacific Drive before, it's one of the 12 survival games to look forward to this year, bringing its unique car-focused survival to the mix. Creative director Alexander Dractott explains in the new dev diary that unlike normal survival games where keeping the player alive is paramount, making resource excursions and crafting replacement parts for your trust car are far more important in Pacific Drive.
When's it out? In 2023
Link: Steam

En Garde

What is it? A swashbuckling action game with some pretty tricky swordfighting and fun environmental combat options—lots of kicking dudes into bodies of water, if the Steam demo is anything to go by.
When's it out? August 2023, but a demo is available now
Link: Steam


What is it? A narrative-driven "Car-PG" set in a post-capitalist world, featuring open-world exploration, "stunt-infused racing," and intense vehicular combat. Developer Long Way Home describes it as "SSX meets Burnout," but I get a little bit of an Interstate '76 vibe off the trailer, and that's what I'm here for.
When's it out? Coming soon
Link: Steam


What is it? Your opportunity to just be a witch in the woods, like you've always known was your destiny. It's not the slickest looking game, but you get your own Baba Yaga chicken-legged hut to customize, and that counts for a lot.
When's it out? 2024
Link: Steam 

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