OperaGX now lets you kick off a Corsair keyboard dance party by opening a new tab

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This is for anyone with a gaming PC and a desire to turn even the most mundane tasks into a light show worthy of Coachella's main stage. OperaGX, the gaming version of the popular browser, can now be hooked up to your Corsair components through iCUE, allowing you to rig your peripherals, components, and light strips to erupt into colour every time you open a new tab.

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The iCUE integration (opens in new tab) will work with a whole heap of mundane browser tasks: browser startup, opening a new tab, closing a tab, turning the browser's CPU/RAM/network limiter on and off, or even when a download finishes.

There are more goodies arriving with iCUE support, though. And some of them could be of actual use beyond mere style points. Through its integration with iCUE, Opera can now display a gif on your keyboard when you receive a notification from either Discord, Twitch, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram.

Of course, you will be stuck to Corsair gadgets with the integration of iCUE. That said, Razer peripheral owners have been able to do much of the same for a little while now, as Opera GX previously integrated Razer Chroma support.

So frivolous feature? Perhaps, but hey you can't knock more options for user customisation. And there is something appealing about the idea of celebrating every new tab with a ritual rave.

Jacob Ridley
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