Ooblets gets straight up psychedelic in new trailer, is coming to Early Access this summer

Are there drugs in Ooblets? I hadn't considered this question until I watched this latest trailer from the PC Gaming Show, in which Ooblets' adorable characters spin and dance through a montage of kaleidoscopes. It's one trippy, hypnotic way to announce that Ooblets is coming soon—very soon—to the Epic Games Store

"Summer" is still a release window vague enough to give developer Glumberland a little flexibility, but we should be playing the farm/life/dancing sim before the leaves start to fall.

Back to the drugs thing—this Ooblets trailer gives a lot of screen time to walking, smiling mushroom creatures, and at approximately the 24 second mark one of them performs some kind of spinning power move while dancing in a circle with a whole Ooblets commune. At 35 seconds, the mushrooms dominate a spinning kaleidoscope interlude. This strikes me as ample evidence.

Up until this point, we thought Ooblets was going to be a charming life sim about raising these little creatures and dancing with them. Now it's clear Ooblets is a charming live sim about raising these little creatures and dancing with them after eating an entire bag of psilocybin. Still sounds like a good time.

Wes Fenlon
Senior Editor

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