OnLive launches in the UK, pricing and games line-up revealed

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The cloud gaming service OnLive launches in the UK today. OnLive deploys advanced techno-magic that lets you play games hosted on powerful remote servers. Footage of your actions can be streamed to your PC, TV or iPad.

You can sign up for free at and play 30 minute demos of many of the 150 launch games to test the service out. The starting lineup includes recent releases like Space Marine, Dirt 3 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, with a big back catalogue that includes a range of titles, from Assassin's Creed 2 to World of Goo. Check out full list of available games on the OnLive site . See the co-founder and CEO of OnLive, Steve Perlman demoing the service in the video above.

OnLive primarily runs on a subscription service. For £6.99 you get access to the multiplayer modes for over 100 games. You can unlock the single player portions separately for an extra fee. You'll be able to rent games soon, too, for about £2 -£4 for three to five days of play.

If you want to hook up OnLive to your TV, you can buy the console. The tiny brick comes with a controller and all the necessary cables to bring OnLive into your front room. The first run of consoles will be sold through to begin with. They cost £69.99, and will eventually be sold through Game retail stores. As part of a limited launch offer, signing up for the service will let you buy your first game for a pound. OnLive have teamed up with BT to offer three months of OnLive free to BT broadband and infinity customers.

We had the chance to catch up with OnLive's co-founder for a chat about what cloud gaming could mean for piracy and brick and mortal retail stores. You'll see videos on the site soon. Perlman also revealed that OnLive is planning to run modded games, and distribute more indie games .

Tom Senior

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