OnLive to run modded games and support more indie games

Onlive Logo

The cloud gaming service OnLive is out in the UK this week. We had a chance to catch up with the co-founder and CEO of OnLive, Steve Perlman at an event earlier today. He revealed that the company is keen to bring the experimentation of the PC modding community to OnLive, and will be setting up servers for their first modded game in the coming months. He wouldn't reveal what the game was, but said that OnLive is planning to support the best PC gaming mods in future.

Perlman also wants OnLive to become a go-to platform indie developers looking for a new way to distribute their games. OnLive has previously supported the Humble Indie Bundle, offering free OnLive vouchers for Braid and Osmos as part of the pay-what-you-want deal. Perlman told us that SDK kits are being made available to indie devs interested in adding their game to the service, and that it took one team just three days to get their game up and running in OnLive.

You'll be able to see our video interview with Steve Perlman later this week, in which we discuss why OnLive is relevant to PC gamers, piracy, the growth of digital distribution and whether, one day, everything will end up "in the cloud."

Tom Senior

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