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One of our top 4K gaming monitors, the Acer Predator X27, is $350 off

One of our top 4K gaming monitors, the Acer Predator X27, is $350 off
Credit: Acer (Image credit: Acer)

Video games are all about the "video" part. So why waste time gaming with a display that can't give you an awesome experience? If you're looking for a significant upgrade to your current setup, Amazon's Acer Predator X27 monitor is on sale for $1,649, which is $350 down from its list price of $1,999. That's 18% off, with free Amazon tech support included with your purchase. 

This 27-inch IPS panel is a beast, especially at this price, and a premium monitor that you'll absolutely love having at your gaming battlestation. Importantly, it'll last for years while other monitors struggle to keep up.

We previously called the Acer Predator X27 the best 4K monitor for gaming, praising its high refresh rate, G-Sync capabilities for compatible Nvidia GeForce graphics cards and GPUs, and "brilliant and convincing 4K HDR graphics." It's also ridiculously bright, rated to hit 1,000 nits thanks to 384 individually-controlled LED zones. Compared to most monitors' 250 and 350 nits (which are technically below the minimum standard), the Predator blows them out of the (incredibly bright, crisply-rendered) water in terms of brightness. 

Acer Predator X27 | 27" IPS | 4K ready | $1,649 (save $350)
This fantastic display is an exemplary gaming monitor with a high refresh rate, G-Sync capabilities, and a ridiculously bright screen at 1,000 nits. Simply put, it'll be the best some of your games have ever looked. View Deal

Want a few other choices before committing to the Predator? It is super expensive, but will last through several upgrade cycles. Check out some of the best gaming monitors on the market, some of which are 4K, some not. Then kit out your desktop with one of the best gaming keyboards as well. You never need an excuse for an awesome upgrade to your rig, right?

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