Once Upon A Coma is a side-scrolling sequel to a Flash era great

Thomas Brush, creator of beloved Flash game Coma, is back with a sequel eight years in the making: Once Upon A Coma, the story of protagonist Pete and his waking nightmare. Its Kickstarter campaign just launched, with Brush asking for $28,000 to wake Pete up. At the time of writing, it's raised $16,405 and will run for another 29 days. 

"After Pete wakes from a strange coma, he discovers things aren't exactly as he remembers," the Kickstarter reads. "His hometown is overrun with naughty children, and the grown-ups have vanished." 

Brush says Once Upon A Coma is indeed a direct sequel to Coma, but also describes it as a standalone game accessible to newcomers. Armed with your father's trust, rusty razor blade—Occam's razor, to be precise—you set out on an "unashamedly Zelda-inspired" quest to collect piano pieces written by your missing sister so that you can play them yourself and decipher her whereabouts. 

Once Upon A Coma first caught our eye last November with a series of striking GIFs, and even outside of Coma, we're plenty familiar with Brush's work. Last year, he released Pinstripe, a fabulous adventure game about a former minister's descent through hell. 

Depending on the results of its Kickstarter, Once Upon A Coma is expected to release in fall 2018 on Steam, GOG and GameJolt. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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