After around 150K kills, Old School RuneScape hero becomes first in history to collect every boss drop in the game

A warrior takes on a multi-headed hydra in keyart for Old School RuneScape.
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In an act of, sure, let's call it heroism, an Old School RuneScape (OSRS) player has become the first ever to acquire every single one of the potential drops spat out by the game's bosses on death. Spotted by GamesRadar, a player named Bazilijus managed fill every entry in the Bosses section of the game's Collection Log—basically a checklist of the game's many, many items—making RuneScape history and putting themself squarely in the #1 position of the game's Collection Log leaderboard.

That's a staggering amount of work, and it's totally up to chance. Like pretty much any MMO, the drops you get when you defeat a boss in OSRS are up to the fickle whims of the game's RNG systems, meaning Bazilijus had to slog through multiple boss encounters over and over and over again before finally being able collect everything it was possible for each one to drop. Some quick back-of-a-napkin maths from me says that the player amassed around 150,000 boss kills in total to reach their prize.

If you check their leaderboard entry, you'll see that some bosses only needed defeating a hundred-or-so times before Bazilijus had gathered everything it was possible for them to drop. Others needed fighting several thousand times. At least one boss—Callisto—has died to Bazilijus 10,001 times. I think it's just bullying at that point, although I'm not sure of who.

Bazilijus says they have about 919 days—or 22,000 hours—in OSRS all-told, but not all of that has been dedicated to their mission to complete the game's boss log. In fact, even though the Collection Log itself was added to the game back in 2018, Bazilijus only really started on their quest back when the Covid-19 pandemic started in 2020, and it reached its conclusion when they obtained the Inquisitor's Mace from a boss called Phosani's Nightmare on June 26, 2023. That section of the boss log by itself apparently took them around 1,000 hours to complete.

So that's a cool three-ish years that Bazilijus has dedicated to this goal. Believe it or not, that's not bad going, and it seems like they had some pretty good luck with the RNG along the way. As GamesRadar points out, there are records of other players having to defeat one particular boss 19,000 times to finally check off all the entries in their boss log. Bazilijus only had to kill that one 2,613 times.

Our hero has completed the game's boss log (plus the notorious Slayer log, too), but they haven't yet cleared out the entire Collection Log. Given their #1 ranking on the log leaderboard, they're certainly the best-placed to do it, but it doesn't seem likely to ever happen. Even discounting the fact that OSRS developer Jagex will surely keep adding items to the game, thereby making the Collection Log longer, there are items on there with far more vanishingly unlikely drop rates than anything on the boss log.

Over on the OSRS subreddit, players joke that—if Bazilijus' RNG luck holds up—it might only take them "10 to 15 years" to clear out the entire list. At least one player has asked Reddit's bots to remind them to check in and see how Bazilijus is doing in, uh, 2073.

But Bazilijus is undeterred. Over on Twitter, they say they're probably moving on to try and finish the game's Raids log, where they're currently seven items short of completion. They also have one final item to get before they've totally checked off the Random Events log, too: The ever-elusive stale baguette.

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