Old Man's Journey looks fantastic, release date set for next week

In 2014, indie outfit Broken Rules released Secrets of Raetikon—an underrated but gorgeous 2D puzzle game that appeared to fly under most people's radar at the time. The Austrian developer has since shifted its focus towards iOS and latterly Wii U games, however its next venture—another lovely-looking sidescroller with puzzle elements named Old Man's Journey—is coming to PC next week, on May 18. 

Before we continue, let's have a look at its newly-launched release date trailer:

Said to portray a "visual narrative about life’s precious moments, broken dreams, and changed plans", Old Man's Journey sees players guiding the titular old man protagonist around a hand-crafted whimsical world while manipulating its landscape to overcome obstacles along the way. 

"Built with intention, soul, honesty, and candor, the relatable story of Old Man’s Journey was designed to showcase universal truths that transcend across cultures and the many stages of life," so says Broken Rules, as Old Man's Journey aims to showcase human nature's penchant for reflection by way of its wisdomous star character.    

Some of how that works is demonstrated here:

Old Man's Journey is heading to PC via Steam next Thursday, May 18.