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Octodad to get new levels in free Shorts DLC

Harrowing documentary series Octodad: Dadliest Catch will soon be supplemented by further glimpses into the life of the cephalopodic imposter. Octodad Shorts is a free DLC pack that will add new levels—providing additional scenarios for your many-flailing limbs to awkwardly navigate.

Screenshots on the DLC's announcement page show Octodad eating out with his wife, and taking part in a medical drama (as envisioned by his children). The developers are promising over 40 new objectives, suggesting this will be a significant addition to the life of the undercover octopus.

These self-contained episodes could also potentially solve one of the main problems of the original game. As Andy noted in his review , the need for escalation of difficulty spoilt the simple charm of Octodad's earlier levels; the frustration of stealth sections and infuriating mini-games ultimately spoiling the joke.

Octodad Shorts is due out in the coming weeks.

Phil Savage
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