NZXT just updated our favorite RBG lighting kit to make it easier to install

Have you heard, RGB lighting makes your PC run faster! Okay, that's not actually true, just as adding an underglow to your Civic won't make it zoom any quicker (Vin Diesel's gang might dispute that). RGB lighting can improve the aesthetics, though, and for DIY types, NZXT's Hue 2 is the best RGB LED lighting kit available. It's also now slightly improved with a new version 2 release.

Yes, we have reached a point where even RGB lighting is seeing generational upgrades. That's okay, because the Hue 2 is a really nice kit, if you're looking to add ambient RGB lighting to your setup. We reviewed the Hue 2 last August and found that it offered a good amount of lighting and was generally easy to install and configure.

The Hue 2 Ambient RGB Kit V2 is designed to be even easier to mount, courtesy of a stronger adhesive. NZXT said it upgraded the 3M LED strip backing tape with so that it is now thicker and stickier.

"It is more compatible with the different surfaces and textures of monitors on the market," NZXT says.

NZXT also replaced the 150mm corner connectors with ones that are L-shaped for the top-left and bottom-right. Until circular monitors become a thing (and hopefully they never will be), L-shaped connectors are the way to go.

The kits also now come with alcohol wipes. It's a good idea to wipe down the back of your monitor before applying an LED strip, and this will save you a trip to the store when you realize you're out of alcohol (the rubbing kind, that is).

NZXT's kits are still expensive—the press release pegs the price at $99.99, though on NZXT's website, the one that's in stock is listed for $109.99. There are two to choose from—one for 21-inch to 26-inch monitors and 34-inch to 35-inch ultrawide displays, and a separate kit for 26-inch to 32-inch monitors.

The kits are available now in the US. Buyers in Europe will be able to pick one up starting April 12.

Paul Lilly

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