NZXT introduces an Overwatch-themed case

NZXT has combined its powers with Blizzard Entertainment to create a special edition case from its popular H500 model, one of the best PC cases, just in time for the current Overwatch League season. Aside from the aesthetics, not much is different about the actual case design. It comes in a black, white, and orange color combination, and both the front of the case and the side are adorned with the Overwatch logo, while the entire Overwatch name is also on the side of the case. 

Other than that, since NZXT is using its own H500 model, expect the same all-metal chassis, tempered glass panel, and simplified cable management and water-cooling installation.

This isn't the first time NZXT has paired up with a company to release a game-themed chassis or accessory. NZXT released a limited Nuka Cola Fallout 4 edition case for the H700, and who could forget about the limited edition PUBG magnetic Pan Puck released over the holidays? 

This special edition H500 case is another game-themed product just for Overwatch superfans—for $149.99 (excluding taxes and shipping), which is $73 more than their regular H500 case. If you don't mind paying a premium for just a different color scheme and a few logos, then you can pre-order one on the NZXT website.

Joanna Nelius
When Joanna's not writing about gaming desktops, cloud gaming, or other hardware-related things, she's doing terrible stuff in The Sims 4, roleplaying as a Malkavian, or playing horror games that would give normal people nightmares. She also likes narrative adventures.