Nvidia's 361.75 drivers out now, with support for Thunderbolt 3 external graphics

Nvidia Tomb Raider header

Nvidia has just released its 361.75 drivers, bringing optimizations just in time for Rise of the Tomb Raider and the beta for Tom Clancy's The Division. Most interesting though, is the new beta support for Thunderbolt 3 external graphics connectors.

External docks for your graphics cards have been something of a trend recently, mainly if you want an ultraportable laptop but also want to cram a lot of graphics processing in there too. In the past they've been very expensive, and are usually compatible with only a single laptop. Thankfully this is now changing. We took a look at Razer's impressive new enclosure at CES. Supposedly, it'll be open and usable with any Thunderbolt 3 system that supports Intel graphics switching. Asus had one, too.

Nvidia's new driver offers beta support for running external graphics cards over Thunderbolt 3, with supported hardware including all GTX 900 series cards, the Titan X, and the GeForce GTX 750 and 750Ti.

You can find all of the other minor bug fixes in Nvidia's release notes, or you can download the latest Nvidia drivers from its website.