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Asus showed off external graphics, customizable keyboard and mouse at CES

Photo via Maximum PC

Photo via Maximum PC

We didn't have a chance to stop by Asus's showcase at CES this year, but our partners in crime at Maximum PC did, and they got a look at some interesting hardware for the upcoming year. Like most of the other hardware vendors out there, Asus has a new mechanical keyboard and mouse on the way. The keyboard offers a detachable number pad that can be attached on either side (we saw a near-identical set of keys at Gigabyte, too). The mouse is more interesting, allowing you to swap out different switches to customize the feel of the mouse.

Also at the Asus suite: an all-black ROG Maximus VIII Formula motherboard with LED lighting and an external graphics dock to rival Razer's. According to Asus, this dock doesn't use the 40 Gb/s Thunderbolt 3 protocol, but rather a proprietary solution to deliver full PCIe bandwidth. Sounds fast, but unlikely to become compatible with a wide array of systems.

Check out Tuan's write-up over at Maximum PC for more on Asus's CES 2016 tech.

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