Nvidia to give away 8 RTX 3090s during GTC

3090s signed by Jensen Huang
(Image credit: Nvidia)

While we're all hoping to see the end to the GPU shortage, we aren't quite there yet. GPUs are hard to come by, especially good ones and though prices have started to come back down to Earth, they're still hanging around in the atmosphere rather than back down to MSRP. Many are still struggling to get their hands on a capable card like an RTX 3090, but if you get to Nvidia's Graphics Technology Conference for 2022, you could win one for free.

According to VideoCardz, at least eight of RTX 3090's will be given away to GTC participants this month. They'll be signed by Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, and the only requirement for entry is to participate in the conference. The conference looks to be mostly online this year, and you can register here, so hopefully that's about it to be in the running for the card. 


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For those that are interested in the conference, there are a lot of interesting topics to be covered. To go over just a few, Nvidia will be talking about its digital twin model for climate change, looking into the idea of a metaverse, and there's a bunch on AI and machine learning. 

The schedule page lets you sort by session type, audience type, and level. Checking out the 101/getting started category the first thing in my list was looking at creating a photorealistic ramen shop in Omniverse, which sounds worth watching to win an RTX 3090.

It's a bit of an odd giveaway, considering the RTX 3090 Ti is set to be out by the end of this month, after a few delays. The 3090 is one of the best cards you can't really buy, so it's by no means a bad prize but it just feels like a strange choice from Nvidia. It's also a staple RTX 3090 Founders edition card, meaning no bells or whistles. Aside from that sweet autograph from the CEO, this is the most basic version of this beast of a card. 

Nvidia's GTC conference will run from March 21 to 24, with the keynote held on March 22, so if you're keen to win a sweet GPU, or check out some cool tech, make sure to register soon

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