Nvidia is scheduled to discuss its next-gen GeForce GPUs on August 20

Nvidia is now expected to talk about its next-generation GeForce graphics cards in the latter half of August, finally putting to rest all the rumors and speculation, according to a program outline for the upcoming Hot Chips 2018 conference.

This is the first bit of concrete news to surface on Nvidia's upcoming GPU plans, though there are still many questions to be answered. According to the schedule that Hot Chips posted, Nvidia's Stuart Oberman is on tap to discuss Nvidia's "next-generation mainstream GPU" at 11:30 AM on August 20.

Here's a look:

It's a vague entry, though it at least narrows the field down to mainstream GPUs, rather than what Nvidia might be cooking up for workstation and high performance computing (HPC) markets.

Previously it was rumored that Nvidia might launch a next-gen gaming card in July, with an announcement potentially coming next month. That's still possible, as Nvidia could still discuss details about its next-gen GPU at Hot Chips even if it already launched, or even talk about what other cards might be in the pipeline.

Hot Chips is a conference for the microprocessor industry, and often AMD, Intel, and Nvidia will go into some of the details and hurdles involved with the latest architectures. Given the timing, it's likely Turing cards will launch prior to the event, and the presentation will cover some of the architectural enhancements in Turing.

Whatever the case might be, we're finally getting close to whatever Nvidia has in store to supplant Pascal in the gaming sector.

Paul Lilly

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