Nvidia delays RTX 2080 Ti general availability by a week

General availability of Nvidia's next-generation GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card has been delayed by a week, the company has announced.

It was supposed to go on general sale on Thursday, September 20, but it will instead be available a week later, on September 27, Nvidia said in a forum post.

Pre-orders might also face the same delay—Nvidia said pre-order customers will receive their cards some time between September 20 and September 27.

At launch, the card will cost $1,199 for the Founders Edition, but cheaper models will be available later on.

The RTX 2080 will still be available on September 20 as planned.

Jarred unboxed both a 2080 and a 2080 Ti this week—click here to watch that

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Samuel Horti

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