Nvidia breaks down Destiny 2's graphics options

With Destiny 2’s PC launch on the horizon—you can start preloading it now—Nvidia have put together a graphics and performance guide to let you know what you’ll need to consider if you’re hoping to play it at 60fps or more. 

Both Nvidia and Bungie recommend the GTX 1060 for the highest settings and 1080p, but for 4K, you’ll be wanting something like the considerably more expensive 1080Ti, which will net you an average of 96.7fps on the high settings, and just below 60fps on the highest. This all depends on what else is crammed inside your rig, of course.

Beyond those recommendations, Nvidia’s taken a look at each graphics setting, with side-by-side screenshot comparisons, the performance and visual impact. It’s a big list, and a reminder that Destiny 2 has plenty of graphics settings just waiting to be tweaked. 

If you took the beta for a spin, how did you find the performance on your rig?

Destiny 2 will launch on PC on Tuesday, October 24.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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