Notch doesn't think Mojang deserves to be held up next to Valve

In a show of humility, Notch expressed skepticism over Twitter after Edge Magazine named Mojang the number two game studio working today . The emperors of indie came in just behind Valve at the top spot, with the two of them making up the only PC developers in the top five.

"Mojang is a new kind of developer, one forged in egalitarian indie culture and hardened by the incredible success of Minecraft," Edge praised. "Without losing any of its renowned individuality, it has grown to support releases of its hit on new platforms, and now holds conventions and publishes games, all while it continues to develop more of its own. It also holds the industry spellbound as its founder, Markus Persson, champions both player and developer rights."

Notch's response was fairly self-explanatory:

He did go on to applaud their coronation of Gabe and co., however.

Do you think Mojang deserves to be held up beside devs with much larger catalogs and more history in the industry?