Nomad Galaxy mod is a 'merge between Homeworld and Command and Conquer'

Billed as a mix of Homeworld and Command and Conquer, Nomad Galaxy is an incoming space-set mod built on the OpenRA engine with two goals: to create a game "that has not been seen in [OpenRA] before", and to create a game independent of any specific franchise. 

The result promises C&C's familiar static bases swapped for mobile fleets, buildings traded for civilian ships—said to "cover the basic needs of fleets, like sensors, resourcing, production and tech"—and military ships for taking on opponents. Of that last category Nomad Galaxy will boast four different sized vessels: Fighters, Corvettes, Frigates and Capital ships.

Maps don't have barriers, so says mod creator Nolt, but are filled with hazards such as asteroids and unstable objects. At present Nomad Galaxy's in-development state houses just one faction, however Nolt plans to introduce two more—each with special traits and abilities. 

Speaking to the future, Nolt says: 

"I also want to add a subfaction system to the mod, similar to how Emperor Battle for Dune did it. Basically, you have a pool of mercenary factions that offer unique units each, and you are limited to select two each match. My goal here is to give each of the subfactions skills related to a topic that the main factions do not have, so say, one of the mercs is specialized in cloak technology, another is good for fortifying positions, and so on. Currently I have four of these sub factions, and wish to add more. So, this is it for now, I hope you enjoyed it."

More information on Nomad Galaxy can be found via its ModDB page.